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Javascript Question

setTimeout - Internet Explorer

I try to make a setTimeout on IE9 but it still throwing a "Invalid argument" Exception...

Here is my code :

var timeout;
timeout = setTimeout((function(s_text){
})('Hello'), 1000);

Does anyone has a clue ?

Answer Source

The approach you are implementing is not going to work. You are using an IIFE that will execute immediately:


And 'Hello' will be alerted. But then, since that method doesn't return anything, then you are calling the timeout with nothing.

timeout = setTimeout(/*undefined or null*/, 1000);

So that's the issue.

edit: If you want to use a variable that already exists outside of the scope, as long as it is defined in a parent scope that the function can see you can use it directly:

var timeout;
var alert_text = "hello";
timeout = setTimeout(function(){
}, 1000);
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