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Java Question

How can I run my test 50 times in Chrome?

I'm using Junit, Selenium and Java.

I would like to run my test like 50 times (for example) in Chrome.
I saw so many time how to run tests in parrallele. But, if I'm not wrong it's for running my test on IE, Chrome and FF in the same time.

I'm trying to understand how I can do load test with Selenium : I would like to run my test in the same time on Chrome 50 times.

Should I use the grid?

EDIT For @JeffC :
I thought I was clear. I read a lot of topics/ articles. I know grid are existing but this solution is too big for me because it's for run multiple times and on different browser types. I just want to run multiple times my test on browsers.
to solve it, I tried : tests in parrallele && grid -> not working because it run the 3 browsers type (IE, Chrome and FF) not just 10 Chrome

Answer Source

For load testing you should use a tool built for this purpose. I recommend using Apache's JMeter. It's simple and built exactly for load testing web services such as yours.

Selenium could be used for load testing, however it is not recommended.

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