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Abhilash Muthuraj Abhilash Muthuraj - 11 months ago 61
Linux Question

google app engine path in linux?

I'm starting to learn googleapp engine and use python. Whenever i create a new project, should i always include whole bunch of configuration and python files like these,

abhilash@abhilash:~/python_resources/google_appengine$ ls demos google LICENSE README tools
BUGS lib new_project_template RELEASE_NOTES templates VERSION

Can i put the and others to /bin/bash, so i could use them whenever i create a project? Or how to setup appengine permanently in my workplace?


A new GAE project doesn't need any of those files.
Per the Getting Started Guide, all you need is app.yaml and

If your goal is less command-line typing you can add the google_appengine dir to your PATH in your .bashrc, e.g.

export PATH=$HOME/google_appengine:$PATH

You'll also want to create a symlink to python2.5, like so:

ln -s /usr/bin/python2.5 ~/google_appengine/python

Then you can just do this to run your app on the development server:

$ /path/to/myapp/