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React JSX Question

Multiple keys for redux reducer

I want to use objects to decide what part of my reducer is run. My current example is mainly from the redux docs. Example:

export const todos = createReducer(initialState, {
[ADD_TODO]: function (state, action) {
return [ ...state, text: action.text ]

function createReducer(initialState, handlers) {
return function reducer(state = initialState, action) {
if (handlers.hasOwnProperty(action.type)) {
return handlers[action.type](state, action)

return state;

This works fine for most use-cases but I would prefer to have the same function run for multiple actions. For example in a typical reducer I would do the following:

case: ADD_TODO:
case: ADD_TODOS:
// Do stuff and return state
return [ ...state, text: action.text ]

I want to be able to do something like:

createReducer(initialState, {
[ADD_TODO, ADD_TODOS]: function (state, action) {
// do stuff

Any ideas for a clean approach?

Answer Source

You just need to define the function separately, and reuse it for multiple keys:

function addTodo(state, action) {
    // do stuff

export default createReducer(initialState, {
    [ADD_TODO] : addTodo,
    [ADD_TODOS] : addTodo,
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