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Groovy Question

How to query mongodb with “like” using the java api?

this question is very similar to another post

I basically want to use the mongodb version of the sql "like" '%m%' operator

but in my situation i'm using the java api for mongodb, while the other post is using mongodb shell

i tried what was posted in the other thread and it worked fine

db.users.find({"name": /m/})

but in java, i'm using the put method on the BasicDBObject and passing it into the find() method on a DBCollections object

BasicDBObject q = new BasicDBOBject();
q.put("name", "/"+m+"/");

but this doesn't seem to be working.

anyone has any ideas?

Answer Source

You need to pass an instance of a Java RegEx (java.util.regex.Pattern):

BasicDBObject q = new BasicDBObject();
q.put("name",  java.util.regex.Pattern.compile(m));

This will be converted to a MongoDB regex when sent to the server, as well as any RegEx flags.

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