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Setting NSLocalizedRecoveryOptionsErrorKey as NSError UserInfo doesn't provide any recovery options

Attempting to set some custom buttons for

isn't working. Only the standard "OK" button is displayed.

NSApp.presentError(NSError(domain: "", code: 0, userInfo: [
NSLocalizedRecoveryOptionsErrorKey: ["Foo", "Bar"]

It also have no effect setting any of the other UserInfo keys.

Is this simply no longer supported on OS X 10.11 ?

Answer Source

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NSError *error = [NSError errorWithDomain:@"MyCoolDomain" code:1 userInfo:@{
                          NSLocalizedDescriptionKey: @"Could Not Post Message",
                          NSLocalizedFailureReasonErrorKey: @"We could not reach the XING server. Your internet connection seems to be offline.",
                          NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestionErrorKey: @"You may try again when you are online again.",
                          NSLocalizedRecoveryOptionsErrorKey: @[@"Try again", @"Cancel"]
    NSAlert *alert = [NSAlert alertWithError:error];
    alert.informativeText = [error.localizedFailureReason stringByAppendingFormat:@"\n\n%@", alert.informativeText];
    [alert beginSheetModalForWindow:self.view.window completionHandler:^(NSModalResponse returnCode) {

Try this. source :

When I face issues like these, I go searching for other people's code / issues.

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