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HTML Make code run independently from the rest of the page...iframe?

This is a little hard to explain. I'm creating a webpage that shows how other webpages will render in the browser. Here's a simplified version of the problem I'm having...

<div id="test">This is an example of page 1</div>

<div id="test">This is an example of page 2</div>

As you can see, both divs have the same ID. I can't change the ID in my situation and it's causing problems. I'm having various other CSS and javascript problems also. Each section of code is conflicting with the other. So, I was looking for a way to have a section render independently of everything else. One way to do it would be to create an iframe for each section of code. But that would require me to create a separate webpage for each section, right? Or, is there a way for an iframe to work just by entering code into it, rather than a URL.

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You can only have one id per element in an HTML document. So each div must have a different id, otherwise you will run into problems. If multiple elements need to have the same name, you can use classes <div class="test" id="unique-id"></div> and then <div class="test" id="another-id"></div>.

To answer your question with regards to iframes, yes, you need a separate page for each iframe. It is not possible to write code within the iframe tags to execute separately. See the iframe spec.

Edit: After reading the iframe spec myself, it appears you can use the srcdoc attribute to overwrite what is in the src attribute, but it looks like this isn't entirely accepted across browsers. MDN has more information about the attribute.

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