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Wrapping HTML5 videos with links - controls does not work on Firefox

I want to wrap the HTML5 video with link tag:

<a href="yourpage.html">
<video width="560" height="315" autoplay muted controls loop>
<source src="http://video.webmfiles.org/big-buck-bunny_trailer.webm" type="video/webm">

It works perfectly on Chrome and Opera - I can click on the controls, eg, pause, play, volume, etc. And I also can click on the link that I want to go to another page when you click on it.

But it does not work on Firefox at all - I can't only click on the controls. It triggers the link too when I click anything on the controls! I want it to work the same way as Chrome/ Opera.

Any ideas how I can fix this on Firefox?

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May the Solution is being in updating Firefox? I dont know which version u are using, but the TAG <video> is new in html5 (may you alread know that) and not all version of browsers accept them. Else i would say it is a bug in Firefox itselfs, not a mistake in your code.

On W3Schools there is a list wich version you need: klick me

Added VideoJS link

Otherways use VideoJS, an openSource video player

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