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setEnabled() vs setClickable(), what is the difference?

Until now, when I wanted to stop the user from pressing the button, I would set the

and usually change the text to some kind of grey colour (to let the user know that the button is disabled). Today I stumbled upon the

So I went to the documentation to see the method's explanation below:

setEnabled(boolean enabled)
Set the enabled state of this view.

What does this even mean? What is the difference between enable state/clickable state and disabled state/not clickable state? Could someone please explain what is the difference between doing what I was doing previously, using the clickable property and using the
property? What should be used when? I searched StackOverflow but could not find anything related. Thanks in advance.

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What the hell is that mean?

Quoting the Wikipedia page for "GUI widget":

In the context of an application, a widget may be enabled or disabled at a given point in time. An enabled widget has the capacity to respond to events, such as keystrokes or mouse actions. A widget that cannot respond to such events is considered disabled. The appearance of disabled widget is typically different from an enabled widget; the disabled widget may be drawn in a lighter color, or may be visually obscured in some way. See the image to the right for an example.

This concept has been around for a couple of decades and can be found in most GUI frameworks.

what is the difference between enable state/clickable state and disabled state/ not clickable state?

In Android, a widget that is not clickable will not respond to click events. A disabled widget not only is not clickable, but it also visually indicates that it is disabled.

what do you mean by: "..since it makes the Button visually "disabled"? how does it changes it visually?

What makes a Button look and respond like a Button is its background, which is a StateListDrawable. There is a specific image used for the disabled state.

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