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Java Question

how to record audio on a webpage and store on database

I am new to Stackoverflow, and I am actually working on a J2EE web app that stores information onto a Mysql DB, including audio files that I record on a JSP page.

Now I am stuck on the recording and storing the audio file on the database. i also have looked that up and it seemed to be possible, but all the answers were short and ambiguous.

Thanks everyone for your help.

EDIT: My question is, is there a way to record audio on a JSP page and sent the result file to the database?

Answer Source

You can try and use HTML5 to record audio.

Look at this page for an example.

After this, there quite a few ways to send the data to the webserver.

One of them can be REST call POST. You can send the data and then store it in the database.

Look at this answer.

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