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Python Question

Python - can't import Set from sets ("no module named sets")

I'm trying to learn python and I was trying to write something simple. I am developing under Pydev (Eclipse) using OS X 10.8. I installed python 3.2 using the 64bits .dmg installer.

I configured the Python interpreter successfully (or I think so, as I actually can create a "hello world" project and run it). But for some reason, when I try to import Set (

from sets import Set
) I get this error:

from sets import Set;
ImportError: No module named sets

I have tested it on command line too, and gives me the same error.

Then I have looked at the lib folder from my python3 directory (under
) and it's missing sets.py file!!! The original 2.7 version does have it at

I have also tried to copy the 2.7 sets.py to the 3.2, but it neither works...
Please, do you know what have I to do?

Answer Source

You don't need the sets module anymore. set is a built-in class in Python 3 and can be used without import.

mySet = set()
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