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Ionic call intent doesn't work


I'm trying to send a direct intent like this

<a href="tel:1699999999">Click me!</a> //brazilian number

but when I click on the link, nothing happens!

I already installed the "whitelist-plugin" and added

<allow-intent href="tel:*" />
<access origin="tel:*" launch-external="yes" />

to my config.xml. I'm using the latest versions of IONIC and CORDOVA by npm.

Any ideas ?

Answer Source

I've accomplished this without having to use the allow-intent tag. In my case, it was a matter of formatting the telephone number before putting it in the href.


<access launch-external="yes" origin="tel:*" />


<a href="tel:555-555-5555">Call Location</a>

If your phone number is coming through dynamically, you can format it within your controller and render out the scope variable


<a href="tel:{{formattedPhone}}">Call Location</a>
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