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Weighted mean calculation in R with missing values

Does anyone know if it is possible to calculate a weighted mean in R when values are missing, and when values are missing, the weights for the existing values are scaled upward proportionately?

To convey this clearly, I created a hypothetical scenario. This describes the root of the question, where the scalar needs to be adjusted for each row, depending on which values are missing.

Image: Weighted Mean Calculation

File: Weighted Mean Calculation in Excel

Answer Source

Using weighted.mean from the base stats package with the argument na.rm = TRUE should get you the result you need. Here is a tidyverse way this could be done:

scores <- tribble(
 ~student, ~test1, ~test2, ~test3,
   "Mark",     90,     91,     92,
   "Mike",     NA,     79,     98,
   "Nick",     81,     NA,     83)

weights <- tribble(
  ~test,   ~weight, 
  "test1",     0.2, 
  "test2",     0.4,
  "test3",     0.4)

scores %>% 
  gather(test, score, -student) %>%
  left_join(weights, by = "test") %>%
  group_by(student) %>%
  summarise(result = weighted.mean(score, weight, na.rm = TRUE))
#> # A tibble: 3 x 2
#>   student   result
#>     <chr>    <dbl>
#> 1    Mark 91.20000
#> 2    Mike 88.50000
#> 3    Nick 82.33333
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