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Swift Question

Error: Use of unresolved Identifier 'Process'

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Swift Version: 3.0 Preview 6

I'm following this getting started page



func sayHello(name: String) {
print("Hello, \(name)!")


if Process.arguments.count != 2 {
print("Usage: hello NAME")
} else {
let name = Process.arguments[1]
SayHello(name: name)

Error I receive

$ swift build
Compile Swift Module 'myapp' (2 sources)
/Sources/main.swift:1:4: error: use of unresolved identifier 'Process'
if Process.arguments.count != 2 {
/Sources/main.swift:4:16: error: use of unresolved identifier 'Process'
let name = Process.arguments[1]
<unknown>:0: error: build had 1 command failures
error: exit(1): swift/bin/swift-build-tool -f .build/debug.yaml

Answer Source

I can't remember the source but I read somewhere that Process was changed to CommandLine in swift 3.0
Try replacing Process with CommandLine

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