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PHP Question

Regex replace non letters with '-', but leave any periods

I am trying to strip all non letters from a file path, but I need to leave the extension at the end.

File example:

$text = cat.jpg

I am current using this
$text = preg_replace('/[^\\pL\d]+/u', '-', $text);


But this also converts any periods to a hyphen as well, I looked around and tried what I found from other posts, but they just removed the period all together.

Help would be appreciated.

Answer Source

You can use this regex based on alternation and negative lookahead for your search:


RegEx Demo

RegEx Breakup:

[^\pL\pN.]+  # Search 1 or more of any char that is not DOT and letter and number (unicode)
|            # OR
\.           # search for DOT
(?![^.]+$)   # negative lookahead to skip DOT that is just before file extension

In PHP code:

$text = preg_replace('/[^\pL\pN.]+|\.(?![^.]+$)/u', '-', $text);
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