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Importing jar file into IntelliJ Idea?

I want to use methods in Java Mail API, so I am trying to import its jar into my project on IntelliJ IDEA. How do I import or download this new jar? I am not new to IntelliJ IDEA, but haven't imported new jar in two months now.

Also, do I need other setup in order to use Java Mail API?

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1) You need to create a Project in IntelliJ IDEA.

Now you have two options.

2.1.) Open the Project view in the IDE. Then right
click on your Project and do Open Module Settings (or press F4).

2.2.) From the File menu just choose Project structure.

3) Then go to Libraries on the left side. Then click the + sign (add new library).
Then locate your JAR and select it, this will import it as a library.

Note: The JAR you need to have downloaded first on your local machine.

Here is a screenshot, with added one JAR to a project I just created.

enter image description here

To make an example that works you'll need some mail servers.

See for example here.

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