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How to set index values to child rows in angular js

I have a requirement where I need to add index values for child rows. I have Group rows under which there will be child rows. I am

and I am using
for child's as shown:

HTML code:

<table ng-repeat="node in data">
<tr> <td> {{node.groupName}} </td> </tr>
<tbody ng-model="node.nodes">
<tr ng-repeat="node in node.nodes"> <td> {{$index}} </td> </tr>

But it is displaying as shown:

enter image description here

But I want it to display as shown:

enter image description here

I am new to Angular JS and not getting how to display it like this. How am I supposed to do that. Please help.

Answer Source

As far as I understood your question, you'd like to have something like that:

<table ng-repeat="group in data">
    <th> {{}} </th> 
  <tbody ng-repeat="item in group.items"> 
      <td>{{getIndex($parent.$index - 1, $index)}} | {{item}} </td> 

    $ = [
      {name: 'Group1', items: ['a','b']},           
      {name: 'Group2', items: [1,2,3]},
      {name: 'Group3', items: ['x', 'xx', 'xxx', 'xxxx']}

    $scope.getIndex = function(previousGroupIndex, currentItemIndex){
      if(previousGroupIndex >= 0){
        var previousGroupLength = getPreviousItemsLength(previousGroupIndex);
        return previousGroupLength + currentItemIndex;
      return currentItemIndex;

    function getPreviousItemsLength(currentIndex){
      var length = 0;
      for (var i = 0; i <= currentIndex; i++){
        length += $[i].items.length;
      return length;

You need to play with $parent.$index property and use some math :) in order to achieve that.

It would look like the following:

enter image description here

Check out this JSFiddle to see live example.

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