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Javascript Question

Managing 3rd party JavaScript libraries in WebStorm under source control

I am a newbie in WebStorm. I created a TypeScript project (empty project with enabled TypeScript transpiler) and added

with links to my scripts.

I want to add 3rd party JavaScript libraries with TypeScript declaration files (jQuery, Knockout, Snap.svg, etc), but with next requirements:

  1. I don't want to add js libraries to my source control.

  2. I want to have my sources in the maximum "compilable" state (minimum manipulation after git checkout).

  3. Local sources (in project/external or project/libraries folder) - not all libraries have CDN.

In my fantasy it's works like a Nuget works with dll packages in Visual Studio.


You could use bower or npm.

They are package managers and you can use it regardless of your IDE. Adding and removing a third party library is dead easy by adding/removing a line in bower.json/package.json for bower/npm respectively.

Here's two links which could help you to learn bower.