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Wrapping text around image (no floats)

I'm making an email template where I would like to wrap text around an image, but I can't use

because it doesn't work in Outlook 2007 and various other email clients.

[ IMG ] Lorem ipsum test text blah
[ IMG ] Lorem ipsum test text blah
[ IMG ] Lorem ipsum test text blah
Lorem ipsum test text blah Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum test text blah.

I'd like to achieve that layout without floats.

Here is what I have with floats:

Answer Source

Here you go mate.

Just put align: left on the img tag in the HTML.


    <a href=""><img align="left" src="" style="width: 80px" class="img_floats" /></a>
    <a style="clear:left;" href=""><img class="info_button"  src=""></img></a>

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    .info_button {
        width: 91px;
        height: 34px;
        margin-top: 15px;
        padding-right: 25px;
        font-family: tahoma;
    .img_floats {
        padding-right: 25px;
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