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Python Question

Getting method parameter names in python

Given the python function:

def aMethod(arg1, arg2):

How can I extract the number and names of the arguments. Ie. given that I have a reference to func, I want the func.[something] to return ("arg1", "arg2")

The usage scenario for this is that I have a decorator, and I wish to use the method arguments in the same order that they appear for the actual function as a key. Ie. how would the decorator look that printed "a,b" when I call aMethod("a","b")

Answer Source

In CPython, the number of arguments is


and their names are in the beginning of


These are implementation details of CPython, so this probably does not work in other implementations of Python, such as IronPython and Jython.

One portable way to admit "pass-through" arguments is to define your function with the signature func(*args, **kwargs). This is used a lot in e.g. matplotlib, where the outer API layer passes lots of keyword arguments to the lower-level API.

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