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PHP Question

how to display latest recent posts in my facebook page to my website

i have page on Facebook and I want to display latest 5 posts from my feed/wall on a page to my website. How to do this? I found this solution.. it is easy

and someone guide me to use facebook api and do it myself
what is the best way?

I use php mysql to build this site

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Here is the PHP code. You need to place this in your template.

//function to retrieve posts from facebook’s server
function loadFB($fbID){
    $url = "".$fbID."/feed?limit=3";
    // Update by MC Vooges 11jun 2014: Access token is now required:
    $url.= '&access_token=YOUR_TOKEN|YOUR_ACCESS_SECRET';// *

    //load and setup CURL
     $c = curl_init($url);
     curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
    //get data from facebook and decode JSON
     $page = json_decode(curl_exec($c));
    //close the connection
    //return the data as an object
     return $page->data;

/* Change These Values */
// Your Facebook ID
 $fbid = "190506416472588";
// How many posts to show?
 $fbLimit = 10;
// Your Timezone

/* Dont Change */
// Variable used to count how many we’ve loaded
 $fbCount = 0;
// Call the function and get the posts from facebook
 $myPosts = loadFB($fbid);

//loop through all the posts we got from facebook
foreach($myPosts as $dPost){
    //only show posts that are posted by the page admin
        //get the post date / time and convert to unix time
         $dTime = strtotime($dPost->created_time);
        //format the date / time into something human readable
        //if you want it formatted differently look up the php date function
         $myTime=date("M d Y h:ia",$dTime);
            <li><?php echo($dPost->message) . $myTime; ?></li>
        //increment counter
        //if we’ve outputted the number set above in fblimit we’re done
         if($fbCount >= $fbLimit) break;

Two things you must do for working out this script.

  1. Make sure your server is cURL enabled

  2. You will have change the Facebook ID in the script by yours.

* You can get the access token this way:

$token = ''.APP_ID.'&client_secret='.APP_SECRET.'&grant_type=client_credentials';
$token = file_get_contents($token); // returns 'accesstoken=APP_TOKEN|APP_SECRET'
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