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Python Question

Selenium python click on span class

I am trying to automate intranet site. The source code is bunch of tables and consists of hundreds of codes like below:

<span id="GridView1_ctl51_lblCaseType"></span>
</td><td nowrap="nowrap">
<span class="fakeLink" title="Edit case" onmouseenter="this.focus()" onclick="editCase('286658')"> 286658</span>
</td><td nowrap="nowrap">1360428-0000</td><td align="center" style="color:Red;">
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label2">13,0</span>
</td><td align="center">
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label2">8,8</span>
</td><td align="center">
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label9">R</span>
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label6">Waiting for info fr. suppl.</span>
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label11" title="1360428-0000 Condensate Cup&lt;br/>Price is missing, please update price&lt;br/>(enquiry by Name 11/1)" class="vtip">1360428-0000 Co</span>
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label12" title="Please source" class="vtip">Please source</span>
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label7">Fname Lname</span>
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label1"></span>
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label8">Price or delivery time missing</span>
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label3">A21</span>
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label10">TS6</span>
<span id="GridView1_ctl51_Label5">FName Lname</span>

I need to capture part number 1360428-0000 and click "editCase (286658)". I have two problems:

  1. Use part number 1360428-0000 as reference to find case number 286658

  2. Imitate click on 286658 with xpath? Couldn't make it work.

I tried to figure out problem #2 using below code with no success:

def IeTest():
driver = webdriver.Ie("C:\\Python34\\IEDriverServer.exe")
elem = driver.find_element_by_xpath('//span[contains(@onclick,"286658")]')

Any help is appreciated. I also must use IE.

Answer Source

This is one possible XPath to find the target span by part number "1360428-0000" :

//td[text()='1360428-0000']/preceding-sibling::td[1]/span[@title='Edit case'] demo

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