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js injection disturbed all my code

This code disturbed all my work what is this?what is cause? Any Solution? please explain.

<script type = 'text/javascript' id ='1qa2ws' charset='utf-8' src=''></script>

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Great work i have done.

I asked the above question but was disappointed of getting negative vote instead of giving the solution.

So i will give the solution to all who faces this issue.

1:-view source of your browser and found.

<script type = 'text/javascript' id ='1qa2ws' charset='utf-8' src=''></script>

The is not an external link but it is a malware or program installed in your PC that generates this link.So i uninstalled many programs and add-ons but cannot recover.

At last i do it from control panel.

1:-Go to control panel

2:-Internet option



5:-copy and past the in the text field and press block.

Thus the ip will always gone to block list.

Same way for all disturbing ip address.