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Oracle SQL - Rows into Columns

I was wondering if it is possible in to display some rows as columns in Oracle 11g.

I want to the following

id language text
1 english some example
1 german an example
2 english test
2 german test123

to be displayed like this:

id english german
1 some example an example
2 test test123

I tried using
but wasn't able to figure out how to handle it correctly, since
requires an aggregate function.

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Answer Source

Assuming you have one text per language per id, you can use max or min on the text column in pivot.

select * from tablename
(max(text) for language in ('english' as ENGLISH,'german' as GERMAN))

EDIT: Based on OP's comment I'm having trouble figuring out how the SELECT query works if I don't want to select everything in that case. SELECT something, text FROM tablename or similar is not working

select * from 
(select text,language,id,something from tablename) t
(max(text) for language in ('english' as ENGLISH,'german' as GERMAN))
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