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Is there a centralized list of country names that can be used for web drop down boxes (and validation)

There are examples online with web select boxes that have a huge list of countries and that probably will be good enough for me to use. However, by Murphy's law, there's bound to be some random country that someone is from and isn't on my list (and probably someone else also ran into this and has updated their local list). Also, when new countries are added, I won't know about it.

Basically, I feel it's better practice and a better smell if there is some centralized list of country names that I can use / trust. (also it could set/follow standards for exact namings "United St..." vs "USA" etc.)

I would prefer a solution that isn't IIS specific if possible

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There are many list of countries, check this wikipedia article; there you can find some lists like:

And more...

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