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using antd with redux-form

I'm trying to use ant.design react components with my redux-form, so far it goes something like this:

import { Form, Input } from 'antd';
import { Field, reduxForm } from 'redux-form/immutable';
const FormItem = Form.Item;


placeholder="First Name"

seems like
form inputs don't support
attribute, they ignore and prevent to pass it down.

attribute is needed for redux-form to be working.

does anyone had success to get these 2 working together? thank you.

Answer Source

Generally speaking, you should not wrap redux-form Field component in the antd Form.Item component. Instead, you should create your own component:


and pass this component into the Field.component. However, it does not sound cool, so you should consider using https://github.com/zhdmitry/redux-form-antd. This lib already have set of antd components wrapped in the Form.Item, so in your case it is just

<Field name="name" component={TextField} />
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