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C# Question

How to read and write ID3 tags to an MP3 in C#?

Is there a library for reading and writing ID3 tags to an MP3 in C#?

I've actually seen a couple when searching, anybody using any that can be recommended?

Answer Source

Taglib# is the best. It's direct port of the TagLib C library to C#.

To install TagLib#, run the following command in the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio.

PM> Install-Package taglib

The NuGet distribution of taglib-sharp can be found at
The official source code repository is at

Here's an example using the library:

TagLib.File file = TagLib.File.Create("mysong.mp3");
String title = file.Tag.Title;
String album = file.Tag.Album;
String length = file.Properties.Duration.ToString();
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