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trying to find a word with seperators in string

i have a full string like this - "Hello all you guys"
and i have a bad word like "all"
now i managed to find the second string in the first that's easy,
but let's say my first string is "Hello a.l.l you guys"
or "Hello a,l,l you guys"
or even "Hello a l l you guys"
is there a regex way to find it ?
what i've got so far is

String wordtocheck =pair.getKey().toString();
String newerstr = "";
for(int i=0;i<wordtocheck.length();i++)

but it doesn't do the trick
thanks to all helpers

Answer Source

You may build the pattern dynamically by inserting \W* (=zero or more non-word chars, that is, chars that are not letters, digits or underscore) in between the characters of a keyword to search for:

String s = "Hello a l l you guys";
String key = "all";
String pat = "(?i)\\b" + String.join("\\W*", key.split("")) + "\\b";
System.out.println("Pattern: " + pat);
Matcher m = Pattern.compile(pat).matcher(s);
if (m.find())
    System.out.println("Found: " + m.group());

See the online demo

If there can be non-word chars in the search words, you need to replace \b word boundaries with (?<!\\S) (the initial \b) and (?!\\S) (instead of the trailing \b), or remove altogether.

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