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Use data from angular to make external api call in node express

I am trying to use data that the user inputs to make an api call to an external API using node. I have successfully made calls from the server, and returned them to angular. But I need to send the server a variable from angular, have it make a call, and return the response to my view. I am new to node so I am sorry if this has already been answered somewhere. I looked around and found nothing.

My html

<md-input-container class="md-block" flex-gt-sm>
<label>Player 1</label>
<input ng-model="player1.username">
<md-button ng-click="comparePlayers(player1, player2)">COMPARE!</md-button>

My controller function

$scope.comparePlayers = function(player1) {

My 'Nerd' Service

smiteStats.factory('Nerd', ['$http', function($http) {
return {
getPlayer: function(playerName) {
$'/api/getPlayer', playerName).success(function(data) {
console.log("sent to server"); //does not run

My Express Route'/api/getPlayer', GetPlayer.apiGetPlayer);

My node module that makes the api call

module.exports = {
apiGetPlayer: function(error, res, player) {
console.log(player); //this returns "[Function: next_layer] in my cmd

Answer Source

To send Parameters with $http in POST:

    url: host + '/api/getPlayer',
    method: "POST",
    data: { 'fruit1' : "Apple"}
.then(function(response) {
        // success
function(response) { // optional
        // failed

To get POST parameters, you will need the ExpressJS body-parser package. This will allow you to grab information from the POST.

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