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Laravel check for constraint violation

I was curious if there is a way we can check if there is a constraint violation error when delete or insert a record into the database.

The exception thrown is called 'QueryException' but this can be a wide range of errors. Would be nice if we can check in the exception what the specific error is.

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You are looking for the 23000 Error code (Integrity Constraint Violation). If you take a look at QueryException class, it extends from PDOException, so you can access to $errorInfo variable.

To catch this error, you may try:

try {
  // ...

} catch (\Illuminate\Database\QueryException $e) {

// Example output from MySQL
array (size=3)
   0 => string '23000' (length=5)
   1 => int 1452
   2 => string 'Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (...)'

To be more specific (Duplicate entry, not null, add/update child row, delete parent row...), it depends on each DBMS:

  • PostgreSQL and SQL server follow the SQL standard's conventions for SQLSTATE code, so you may return the first value from the array $e->errorInfo[0] or call $e->getCode() directly
  • MySQL, MariaDB and SQLite do not strictly obey the rules, so you need to return the second value from the array $e->errorInfo[1]

For laravel, handling errors is easy, just add this code in your "app/start/global.php" file ( or create a service provider):

App::error(function(\Illuminate\Database\QueryException $exception)
    $error = $exception->errorInfo;
    // add your business logic
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