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PHP Question

PHP calculations with numbers and operators from variables

I have set these variables in PHP:

$settings["operator"] = '/';
$settings["figure"] = '0.6';

I then want to use the above on another variable to work out a calculation, which will end up being:

$total = ($var->price / 0.6);

I tried this:

$total = ($var->price $settings["operator"] $settings["figure"]);

But I'm getting an error because the code is not correct:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$settings' (T_VARIABLE)'

How can I use these variables to create my calculation?

Answer Source

You will have to make switch or something similar.

  case "/":
    $total = $var->price / $settings["figure"];

 case "+";
   $total = $var->price + $settings["figure"];
 //add others under here
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