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DIV content not parsed as HTML

I am using VS2015, C#, MVC project.

I've created a custom calendar. When typing the note, it's correctly shown to the user as html (breaks, bold, italic ... - everything works fine).
If I try to update calendar (each DIVs content gets pulled from database) then DIVs content is no longer displayed as html but as plain text.

Why is that so?

I am parsing DIVs content with this code (@noteCurrentDate is DIVs content):

<div id="divDays" class="divDays">

DateTime startDate = Convert.ToDateTime(Model.StartEndDateTable[0]["StartDate"]).Date;
DateTime endDate = Convert.ToDateTime(Model.StartEndDateTable[0]["EndDate"]).Date;

DateTime tempDate = startDate;

while (tempDate <= endDate)
DL.DataSets.Notes.spSelectNotesRow result = Model.NotesTable.AsEnumerable().Where(myRow => myRow.DateNote.Date == tempDate).FirstOrDefault();
string noteCurrentDate = "";
string activeDate = tempDate.Date.Month == Model.CurrentMonth ? "" : "dayUnactive";
string dateID = tempDate.Date.Day.ToString("d2") + "_" + tempDate.Date.Month.ToString("d2") + "_" + tempDate.Date.Year;

if (result != null)
noteCurrentDate = result.Note;

<div class="divDay">
<div class="divInnerDay">
<span id="spanDayNumber" class="spanDayNumber unselectable @activeDate">@tempDate.Date.Day</span>
<div id="@dateID" class="content editable" ng-keyup="updateNote('@dateID')">@noteCurrentDate</div>

tempDate = tempDate.AddDays(1);
<!-- divDays -->

When typing into field the content is shown like this:

enter image description here

Content is being saved on each key-up event to database:

<b>Text in bold</b><div><i>text in italic (one break before)</i></div><div><i><u>text underline (another break)</u></i></div>

So, html is correctly saved in database. But, when the page is refreshed, DIVs content is shown like this:

enter image description here

And here's the source. For me, it looks correct html. Why it is not parsed as html but as plain text?

enter image description here


Use @Html.Raw() for your content