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groovy/SoapUi Call a static function from another script

I am trying to write a groovy script which will contain functions that are common to the SoapUI test Suite. Specifically I want to write a script that will contain all the logs that are output from the test suite.

GroovyScript1 will call a function in the GroovyScripts.groovy file. All is present in a SoapUI test suite.

I have not found any helpful advice on how to perform this task.

To specify again, I want to call a function contained in another Groovy Script.

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Yes You can do this by following steps,

In your "GroovyScripts.groovy" file add below code,

class GLF

    def log
    def context
    def testRunner

    def GLF(logIn, contextIn, testRunnerIn)
        this.log = logIn
        this.context = contextIn
        this.testRunner = testRunnerIn

    //Till abobe line you must keep same code except class name 

    public String returnVal()
        return 'Himanshu'

context.setProperty("Rt", new GLF(log, context, testRunner))
============================ END GroovyScripts.groovy ==========

Now in your "GroovyScript1" file you should use below code,

lib = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.project.testSuites["GroovyLibraryFunction"].testCases["TestCase 1"].testSteps["EndpointVerification"], context)

def RT = context.Rt

def PT = RT.returnVal() PT

This way you can achive your target.

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