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Android Question

Android TextView and getting line of text

I have a TextView whose text can run to many lines. Once it has been created and set dynamically, I'd like to

  1. Get the text on a given line, and

  2. Know the width and height of this line.

How do I do this?

Answer Source

If I understand correctly the answer to question 2 is:

textView.getLineBounds (int line, Rect bounds)

The width in pixels should be abs(bounds.right - bounds.left); and the height is abs(bounds.bottom -

Your first question is a bit more tricky, but something like this should do the required magic:

Layout layout = textView.getLayout();
String text = textView.getText().toString();
int start=0;
int end;
for (int i=0; i<textView.getLineCount(); i++) {
    end = layout.getLineEnd(i);
    line[i] = text.substring(start,end);
    start = end;
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