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Node.js Question

Node.js for "traditional" sites

I'm digging into Node.js now and the whole idea seems brilliant to me. But I'm interested in what are the benefits (if any) of Node.js when developing "traditional" sites with a bit of AJAX and no realtime features. When I say "traditional", I mean the sites that one usually builds using MVC frameworks on platforms like PHP, APS.NET, etc.

I know that the Express framework is popular, but the question is more about what I would gain by switching to Node.js rather than simply "Can I do MVC in Node?".

Answer Source

Node has the advantage of

  • having a rich open source community with third party modules that solve most problems
  • having a low level API with a minimal amount of "default" bloat
  • reducing language context switching
  • having a decent level of performance
  • allowing you to manipulate the HTTP server programatically within your application
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