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Spark Framework: Match with or without trailing slash

I have noticed something in the Spark Framework. It does not match trailing slashes with a mapped route. So it considers /api/test and /api/test/ as different URIs.

That's fine if there is a way to wildcard them together, but there doesn't seem to be. Am I missing anything?

I want this route:

Spark.get("/api/test", (req, res) -> {
return "TEST OK";

To match /api/test OR /api/test/. As it stands, it only matches /api/test, and if I switch it to:

Spark.get("/api/test/", (req, res) -> {
return "TEST OK";

It only matches

Answer Source

It seems to be asked before in 2013, but closed (and I assume not implemented) in 2015:

Routes should match with and without trailing slash #97

jsnoriegam opened this issue on Aug 31, 2013

ryber added a commit to ryber/spark that referenced this issue on Oct 14, 2013

tipsy added the Feature request label on Nov 22, 2015

perwendel closed this on Nov 23, 2015

There was a pull request by ryber with a fix for this issue:

However, this does not seem to be part of the current SimpleRouteMatcher class:

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