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Loop in R: how to store the output?

i'm really new to R..and i'm trying to save the output of print(w1) into a matrix (1001x4) (or even in a matrix 4004x1) of the following loop but for me it is impossible. I tried to save w1 into a matrix after print(w1)

, but it saves only the last 4 outputs. My code is:

for(a in seq(0,1,0.001)){
for(i in 1:n){
for(j in 1:n){
else if(j<i){







Thanks in advance for the help! Anastasia.

Answer Source

It only stores the last 4 outputs because you are using i as index (which will only be 1 to 4).

If you want to store all the values you will have to append new values to the current vector. You can do so like this:

vec <- c() # Create a new empty vector before the loop
# After print(w1) add
vec <- c(vec, w1) # This will append the new value (w1) to the vector
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