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Start process via SSH and GDB?

This question sounds very stupid to me, but if this is somehow possible it would be really helpful.

My application is crashing and I need to debug it. And I run this application in another computer, via SSH (it's an HTTP server). If I could leave a terminal running the application over GDB and SSH all the time, I'd be able to find the bugs. But I don't have a free computer to do that. What can I do? Is there a way to start GDB with

and stuff like that, so I can see GDB output (
command, for example) later?

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A classical Unix program called screen is your friend (or its competitor tmux). It allows to keep a virtual console open across multiple logins:


starts such a session; using you can detach from that; using

screen -r

you can reconnect to it later.

However, you don't even need that; just make your program leave a core dump when it crashes; ulimit -c unlimited says "every program that crashes leaves a core dump"; you can then just open the core dump using gdb later on, and everything will be as if you ran the program inside gdb when it crashed.

gdb core.123456
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