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Python and pip, list all versions of a package that's available?

Given the name of a Python (2.X) package that can be installed with pip and virtualenv, is there any way to find out a list of all the possible versions of it that pip could install? Right now it's trial and error.

I'm trying to install a version for a third party library, but the newest version is too new, there were backwards incompatible changes made. So I'd like to somehow have a list of all the versions that pip knows about, so that I can test them.

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The script at pastebin does work. However it's not very convenient if you're working with multiple environments/hosts because you will have to copy/create it every time.

A better all-around solution would be to use yolk, which is available to install with pip. E.g. to see what versions of Django are available:

$ pip install yolk
$ yolk -V django
Django 1.3
Django 1.2.5
Django 1.2.4
Django 1.2.3
Django 1.2.2
Django 1.2.1
Django 1.2
Django 1.1.4
Django 1.1.3
Django 1.1.2
Django 1.0.4

A minor caveat: yolk depends on distribute. This is not a bad thing, but it may be a problem if you need for some reason to stick with (the deprecated) python setuptools.

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