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Working with subfolders in custom view engine

In a bid to keep my views organised within my new MVC 5 application, I've set up a folder structure as follows:

|-- Account
| |-- Partials
| |-- EditUser.cshtml
| |-- ListUsers.cshtml
| |-- Home.cshtml
|-- Admin
|-- Partials
|-- AnotherPartialView.cshtml

Now, I'd like to implement a custom view engine for this so I don't have to keep specifying the full path to the
folder in my main view folders.

I've created a custom view engine like this:

public class CustomViewEngine : RazorViewEngine
public CustomViewEngine()
: base()

var viewLocations = new[] {


this.PartialViewLocationFormats = viewLocations;
this.ViewLocationFormats = viewLocations;


and registered it in
within Global.asax

protected void Application_Start()
/* snip */
ViewEngines.Engines.Add(new CustomViewEngine());


I call the partial views like this:

/// http://localhost/Account/ListUsers
/// View is located in ~/Views/Account/Partials/ListUsers.cshtml
public ActionResult ListUsers()
/* populate model */

return PartialView("ListUsers.cshtml", Model);

My thinking was that if I'm including the controller parameter
followed by the
folder within the view locations, this would stop me having to each
sub folder as a location. This would also mean I can just reference the view by name rather than its full path.

However, I'm still receiving an error that the partial view cannot be found in any of the search locations.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer Source

I think specifying the .chstml extension is the problem, try returning the view without it:

return PartialView("ListUsers", Model);
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