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JSON Question

Postgres: How to convert json string to text?

Json value may consist of a sting value. E.g.

postgres=# SELECT to_json('Some "text"'::TEXT);
"Some \"text\""

How can I extract that string as postgres text value?

doesn't work. It returns quoted json, not the original string:

postgres=# SELECT to_json('Some "text"'::TEXT)::TEXT;
"Some \"text\""


P.S. I'm usnig PostgreSQL 9.3

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There is no way in PostgreSQL to deconstruct a scalar JSON object. Thus, as you point out,

select length(to_json('Some "text"'::TEXT) ::TEXT);

is 15,

The trick is to convert the JSON into an array of one JSON element, then extract that element using ->>.

select length( array_to_json(array[to_json('Some "text"'::TEXT)])->>0 );

will return 11.