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iOS Question

Free up more Inactive or File Cache memory in Activity Monitor

I have found a application has Clean Memory function.

enter image description here

I think it uses the original PURGE function, but after checking (using Activity Monitor), I see that it's likely to be more free File Cache than Purge command (or it can operate independently of the PURGE command). Please refer my experiment in below.

  1. Below is first information in Activity Monitor

enter image description here

  1. Then, I use Clean Memory function (FREE UP 600+ MB File Cache)

enter image description here

  1. Finally, I use PURGE command (FREE UP more 400+ MB File Cache)

enter image description here

My question:
Refer free mem as function of command 'purge'

1. What it has used technology to make Clean Memory function (I have research for a week but did not find relevant information)?

2. (optional) The difference between Clean Memory function and PURGE command?

Answer Source

I have found my solution.

It's simple create data then release it.

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