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Javascript Question

Cannot render boolean value in JSX?

I am trying to render boolean value inside JSX, however React is evaluating it as expression and isn't returning anything after the component is returned.

Any workaround for this?

Here is an example

var ipsumText = true;

Boolean Value: {ipsumText}

Just shows compiled HTML as

<div data-reactid=".0"><span data-reactid=".0.0">Boolean Value: </span></div>

EDIT: Here is the JSBin link for the example http://jsbin.com/nibihodoce/1/edit?html,js,output

EDIT 2: I have already explored the .toString() alternative, however since I am iterating over an array of objects and a particular field of that object can have string/integer/boolean kind of value. Applying .toString() to all of 'em doesn't seem optimal.

Answer Source
 Boolean Value:    { ipsumText.toString() }

UPD: or

 Boolean Value:    { String( ipsumText ) }


 Boolean Value:    { '' + ipsumText }


 {`Boolean Value: ${ipsumText}`}


 Boolean Value:    { JSON.stringify( ipsumText ) }

I prefer the second option. Universal, fast, works for all primitive types: Boolean( smth ), Number( smth ).

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