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c# Method redirect or overload (possibly with arguments)

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm essentially looking for a class constructor redirect.

An example of what I'm attempting:

public class Test
public Test() : TestFromOther();
//public Test() => TestFromOther();
public TestFromOther() { return 'this' with some stuff done here }
//another case might be => TestFromOther(defaultparam)

I'm trying to do this so that even if the base constructor is called, it redirects to my method.

(I don't want to just put a call to TestFromOther() inside the body of the constructor.. I'm specifically looking for the
operator.. I've seen it before but for the life of me cannot remember how it's done)

EDIT: It's mostly for cleanliness and readability, thus having the Logger.GetCurrentClassLogger();

public class Logger {
private string _callerClass;

// obviously this doesn't function, but is the ideal end product
//public Logger() => GetCurrentClassLogger();
// Ideally I want the constructor to be this function and if a user, for
// whatever reason does call the empty constructor, it goes to this func
public Logger GetCurrentClassLogger() {
StackFrame[] sf = new StackTrace().GetFrames();
string callerName = "";
foreach (StackFrame f in sf) {
if (f == sf[0])
if (f.GetMethod().Name == ".ctor") {
callerName = f.GetMethod().ReflectedType.Name;
callerName = f.GetMethod().Name;
this._callerClass = callerName;
return this;

I trimmed this down about as far as I could for use as an example

Answer Source

You can "chain" constructors. it's not a redirection.

public class Test
    public Test() : this("defaultParam") {}
    public Test(string stringParam) { }

It will execute Test(string stringParam) first and then Test()

Edit per the comments and the edited question

static method is the way to achieve what you like:

public static Logger GetCurrentClassLogger() {...}

and the instantiation:

var logger = Logger.GetCurrentClassLogger(); // no new key word here
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