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PHP Question

How to merge one or more nested array values having same keys

I'm little bit confuse in this concept

Actually I'm having an array like this

$arr = array("0"=>array("username"=>"username1"),"1"=>array("username"=>"username2"),"2"=>array("username"=>"username3"),"3"=>array("username"=>"username4"));
echo "<pre>";print_r($arr);
$finalArray = call_user_func_array('array_merge', $arr);
echo "<pre>";print_r($finalArray);

Finally from this I'm getting an array like this

[username] => username4

But I need all the values like as follows

[0] => username1
[1] => username2
[2] => username3
[3] => username4

How should I do this?..Could someone please help me..

Thank you,


Simple solution using array_column function(available since PHP 5.5):

$result = array_column($arr, 'username');