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How to generate all possible m combinations in R, with m varying

How do we generate in R all possible combinations (of variable length, so that the resulting list can be of length 1, 2 or 3 if there are 3 elements) from a vector of variable length:

# say we have a vector of length 3:
vec = letters[1:3]

ret = list('a', 'b', 'c', 'ab', 'ac', 'bc', 'abc', 'a,b', 'a,c', 'a,bc', 'b,c', 'ac,b', 'ab,c', 'a,b,c')

Thank you!

Answer Source

Here's a fairly kludgy way of doing it, which treats the result as a string with five characters ('a', ',', 'b', ',', 'c') that can be switched on or off.

get_combos <- function(x) {
  x1 <- expand.grid(rep(list(0:1), length(x)*2-1))
  x2 <- mapply(function(x, char) {
    ifelse(x==1, char, '')
  }, x1, strsplit(paste0(x, collapse=','), '')[[1]])
  x3 <- apply(x2, 1, paste, collapse='')  
  grep('^$|,,|^,|,$', x3, value=TRUE, invert=TRUE)


##  [1] "a"     "b"     "ab"    "a,b"   "c"     "ac"    "a,c"   "bc"    "abc"   "a,bc" 
## [11] "a,c"   "b,c"   "ab,c"  "a,b,c"

Another example:


##  [1] "A"       "B"       "AB"      "A,B"     "C"       "AC"      "A,C"     "BC"     
##  [9] "ABC"     "A,BC"    "A,C"     "B,C"     "AB,C"    "A,B,C"   "D"       "AD"     
## [17] "A,D"     "BD"      "ABD"     "A,BD"    "A,D"     "B,D"     "AB,D"    "A,B,D"  
## [25] "CD"      "ACD"     "A,CD"    "BCD"     "ABCD"    "A,BCD"   "A,CD"    "B,CD"   
## [33] "AB,CD"   "A,B,CD"  "A,D"     "B,D"     "AB,D"    "A,B,D"   "C,D"     "AC,D"   
## [41] "A,C,D"   "BC,D"    "ABC,D"   "A,BC,D"  "A,C,D"   "B,C,D"   "AB,C,D"  "A,B,C,D"
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