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SQL Question

install4j sql script action statement with line breaks

a problem with the SQL script action: I use a script with statements including line breaks to make them more readable. I use the semicolon as a statement delimter. When the action fires, the first statement (fired vs an Oracle DB in the example) fails with a "ORA-00904: : invalid identifier" message, showing only the first line of the statement in the installation log.
The statement itself is valid.
My assumption is that install4j fires each line within an sql script, not the whole text (multiple lines) until a statement delimiter is found?
Would be a pity, since long statements tend to be not easy to read.
We are using instll4j 6.1.6 build 6352, the instaler runs under windows (x64).

Thanks a lot for your help in advance,

Answer Source

After removing the line breaks within the sql script, it worked. So currently no line breaks in SQL-Scripts, except they are used as statement delimiters.

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