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C# anonymous object with properties from dictionary

I'm trying to convert an dictionary to an anonymous type with one property for every Key.

I tried google it but all I could find was how to convert a anonymous object to a dictionary.

My dictionary looks something like this:

var dict = new Dictionary<string, string>
{"Id", "1"},
{"Title", "My title"},
{"Description", "Blah blah blah"},

And i would like to return a anonymous object that looks like this.

var o = new
Id = "1",
Title = "My title",
Description = "Blah blah blah"

So I would like it to loop thru every keyValuePair in the dictionary and create a property in the object for every key.

I don't know where to begin.

Please help.

Answer Source

You can't, basically. Anonymous types are created by the compiler, so they exist in your assembly with all the property names baked into them. (The property types aren't a problem in this case - as an implementation detail, the compiler creates a generic type and then creates an instance of that using appropriate type arguments.)

You're asking for a type with properties which are determined at execution time - which just doesn't fit with how anonymous types work. You'd have to basically compile code using it at execution time - which would then be a pain as it would be in a different assembly, and anonymous types are internal...

Perhaps you should use ExpandoObject instead? Then anything using dynamic will be able to access the properties as normal.

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