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Multiple working directories with Git?

I'm not sure if this is something supported by Git, but in theory it seems like it should work to me.

My workflow often involves my editing of files in multiple branches simultaneously. In other words, I often want to open a few files in one branch is while I edit the contents of another file in another branch.

My typical solution to this is to make two checkouts, but it's a shame I can't share branches and refs between them. What I would like is to just have two working directories managed by the same .git folder.

I'm aware of local git clone solutions (the default, which is to hardlink shared objects, and the --shared option, which sets up an alternate object store with the original repo), but these solutions only cut down on disk space usage, and especially in the case of --shared, seem fraught with peril.

Is there a way to use one .git folder, and have two working directories backed by it? Or is Git hardcoded to have just one working directory checked out at any time?

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The git distribution comes with a contributed script called git-new-workdir. You would use it as follows:

git-new-workdir project-dir new-workdir branch

where project-dir is the name of the directory containing your .git repository. This scripts creates another `.git' directory with many symlinks to the original one except for files that cannot be shared (like the current branch), allowing you to work in two different branches.

It sounds a bit fragile, but it's an option.

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