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Get the document's background color

Most web browsers, by default, render pages as having a white background. However, this is to some extent user customizable, and some browsers are different. So, I want to find a way, either through CSS or JavaScript, to find out the background color of the page. The documentation on Mozilla's website suggests that document.bgColor can be used, and that its default value is white. It also suggests to not use it, since it's deprecated. But the docs seem to be in conflict with observed behavior: document.bgColor is an empty string if the page has no CSS to change it. The alternatives suggested don't work either: everything I tried gives me either an empty string or "transparent", which is clearly wrong: I can not see the desktop beneath my browser, hence it is not transparent. (Incidentally, IE11 actually behaves like Mozilla's documentation says that Firefox does. Go figure.)

I want to create an html list element (

) whose background color matches the background color of the document. Is this possible? (I suppose you might be tempted to ask: if I want it to match the background, isn't "transparent" what I want? No. I want it to cover up some other element. Why? Because I'm making one of those auto-suggest thingies.)

Edit: 2 people have wisely suggested that I add an example so it becomes clear what on earth I'm talking about. Based on the answers I've been receiving, these 2 people are absolutely right. I've added a link to a fiddle in the comments of one of the answers, and now I'm adding it here:

Answer Source

You could use CSS2 system colors - note that these are deprecated in CSS3 and appearance property is advised to use instead.

ul {
  background-color: Background; /* CSS2 only; or maybe "Window", see @Larkeith comment */
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